Last October I found an opportunity to submit a painting for an art competition in the UK. The conditions of the competition stated that participants had to send in a painting to be considered for an exhibition.

The organizers were clearly doing it for the money because they had a lot of sponsors and they were to keep a high commission of paintings that were to be sold. To top it off they were also asking for a £20 just to participate. At the time I thought that this wasn’t fair on artists and my first reaction was not to take part.

(I felt a bit rebellious and I was in a bad mood) I decided to submit a ‘protest-painting’ and give them a piece of my mind, with a canvas I called ‘Since when?’.

I wasn’t expecting they would accept it, but to my surprise they did! And my painting was part of the 10% of submissions they accepted, and it ended up in the exhibition and the event catalogue. (and it’s also on their website) Needless to say it got a lot of reaction. The judges to this competition were Professor Maurice Cockrill RA, Keeper of the Royal Academy Schools, Richard Cork, Art Critic, and the artist Gavin Turk.

I talk about this in the clip below:

now I feel better.