This is a Paper discussing the use of Photography in On-line Social Networks. Titled: The Sadness of the Hand-held Self-portrait.

Chapter 1. An Introduction to the Cause:

For most of us the internet has become a one stop shop for everything.
It has revolutionized every entity that makes up a society. It has
become a significant commodity for economic markets,
mass-communication, event organizing, money transferring, educating
people, gathering global statistics, electing presidents and everything
in between. Throughout centuries the race has been to transport goods,
services and ourselves in lesser time than the shortest time possible.
With the introduction of telecommunication we had a taste of how we can
virtually be somewhere else instantly. And when something reaches its
destination immediately, distance becomes irrelevant, so the whole
mentality of delivering a massage changed. However it had to be the
world wide web that truly made our presence virtual…

The full essay can be downloaded from the .pdf below.