On Friday 16th October I showed one of my art pieces at Frieze Art Fair. The booth was commissioned by Frieze Projects, and curated by the Lisbon-based curatorial team Filipa Oliveira and Miguel Amad. The project was titled IMPOSSIBLE EXCHANGE.

My work was a part of a project of the New York artist Brina Thurston.
Brina’s project considers the ostensibly democratic process
by which art institutions invite artists to submit works to be
considered for exhibition, but in which many factors other than quality
and merit operate.

The exhibited piece is titled: The land was drained and the boggy ground’, 2009 (below)

The land was drained and the boggy ground‘ was displayed at the fair throughout the day at the P1 booth, near the VIP room entrace of the fair.

As part of the event, I had a public dialogue with Michele Robecchi, who is art writer and editor at Phaidon Press.

To see the image at a high resolution click here.
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