‘A New Generation’ at the MCA will be the first show of 2010 that will include my work. The opening of the exhibition will be 14th January, and come to a close on 7th February 2010.

This will be a group show of 10 emerging Maltese artists, curated by Mark Mangion.

At the show I will have three recent pieces. Two large canvases and a sculpture/object. The canvases are titled ‘She had composure beyond her years’ (1), (2), and the sculpture/object is titled ‘Day, Night’.

All three pieces have a similar underlying theme. In each case the initial motive was to extract aesthetic value from found diagrams and representations that were primarily designed/drawn for functional purposes.

Below is a detail shot of the ‘Day, Night’ piece.

To download a copy of the e-invite, click on the thumbnail below.

For further information about the MCA and the exhibition you can visit this link.