I have been a contributing freelance writer for MANIC Magazine for over a year now. In my regular article, titled ‘Gallery Talks: Art Interview’,
I interview different gallery owners/directors from London for each
issue, and ask them questions on a number of subjects related to their
gallery, the relationship with their artists and the art market.

I am very pleased to announce that my ‘Gallery Talks:’ will now reach a wider audience. ‘Gallery Talks: Art Interview’ will now be regularly featured on www.catil.co.uk.

Contemporary Art Tours in London
is run by Victoria Chaine Mendzyk. She graduated from the Royal College
of Art (London) with an MA in Curating Contemporary Art, From
Goldsmiths College (University of London) with a BA in Fine Art and
History of Art and from Paris X (France) with a BA in Philosophy.

CATIL offers guided tours through museums, exhibitions and galleries.

Chaine Mendzyk is passionate about contemporary art and education and
has worked in various international contemporary art museums and
galleries. In the past two years, she co-curated Of this Tale I cannot guarantee a single word at the Royal College of Art in April 2008 and was the sole curator for Turning Points at Norwich Outpost in May 2009.

I hope all my readers from MANIC Magazine, FAD online and CATIL are enjoying my
conversations with the people I’m interviewing! Feel free to suggest
anything you would like me to ask or any gallery in particular you would
want me to meet.


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